Haruyo Morita Profile

Haruyo Morita
Born in Saitama Prefecture.
When she was in high school, she received helped and instruction from Ichiho Fukusuki, a school principal and a Japanese
painter, and after she graduated, she began working as a Tegaki Yuzen (hand painted kimono) artist. She spent some time
seeking her self after that, and eventually found her own world. She paints images of people from Heian, Edo, and Meiji
period. In 1975 and 1977, she won a special prize at ‘Daicho-te n’ and ‘Ken-ten’ respectively. She had solo exhibitions and
had participated in group exhibitions in Tokyo, Yokohama, etc. In 1977, she moved to London, England. From 1979 to
1987, she had four solo exhibitions in London. From 1987-2001, she had three in America, New York, Los Angeles, and
Hawaii. In 1980, she had an exhibit in Saudi Arabia. She currently lives in Australia.


【Work creation chronology】
1999 July Prior work titles「藤」「幸」「朧月」「彩」「宵」「想い」「微睡(うたたね)」「麗」
「恋文」「花灯」 and many other works.
1999 September「憂愁」「紫の上」October「恋蛍」「玉鬘」「たまかずら」
2001 May「獅子舞」July「道成寺」「祥花」「吉兆鳳凰図」
2002 January「二人舞」May「恋慕」July「花想(花魁)」
2003 January「春香」March「彩夏」Apri「l 千秋」July「冬音」
2004 January「四季の庭」May「紫憂」June「黄金雅」
2005 January「緑風」March「青粋」June「輝白」August「緋艶」「胡蝶蘭」
2006 January「薔薇」May「菊」June「夕霧」「芍薬」
2007 February「夕霧」「菖蒲( あやめ)」May「鷺の精」「揚巻」September「黄金雅」「胡蝶蘭」
   November「蝶の舞」「花子<京鹿子娘道成寺より>」「粋雅 <お祭りより>」
2008 January「紫憂」「04-014 宵」May「菖蒲」July「黄華」
2009 January「華墨」April「桜」「祝舞」September「双寿」
2010 January「月の歌」「鶴寿」「寿亀」May「輝白」
2011 January「藤 – 花雅」「百合 – 花雅」March「宵桜」
2012 January「龍華」November「京の舞」March「夢紫」「結寿」July「朧月」
2013 October「桃源天女」「夢見歌(かぐや姫)」
   December「2 菊月」
2014 June「艶華」September「桜舞」
2015 April「流麗」June「立てば芍薬」「星華月華」
2016 February「胡蝶の夢」May「都乙女」August「恋風」